About Us


PT. Nishi Tata Ekspressindo was established on May 15, 2015. Founded by Mr. Hamdi Irawan, where he is one of the best export and import practitioners in Bekasi. In the beginning, PT. Nishi Tata Ekspressindo focus in the field of business as a freight forwarder. at that time the services carried out around air freight, sea freight and land transportation. Beyond the scope of work, we are also consultants from our customers, such as in terms of obtaining permits, whether they are managing SNI, SPI, USDFS etc.
Over time, we developed a business in logistics, namely in terms of warehouse rental services. The warehouse rental services we provide are very competitive in terms of rates, because we want to be a solution for our customers in terms of logistics as well. Where at present, warehouse rental rates imposed in some of these service providers, are still relatively high.